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Face Recognition
Artificial Intelligence

Take a picture of your face with our App’s face recognition tool. No matter how many photos we take on any particular event. Our app will select your best photos through our Face Recognition System.

Your Photos Ready in Minutes.

You can have your Professional Photos ready just minutes after being snapped. Download our Free App available for IPhone or Android. Just search it by Intellimidia on your App store.
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Easy to Pay through Credit Cards

We accept all debit and credit cards. Your photos will be unlocked right away.
You do not have to wait to start posting “Great Photos” on your social media platforms.
You can do it right now.
Select your photos, go to our shopping cart and buy your photos right now.

Your Photos Saved in the Cloud

Your Photos will be saved in the cloud. So don’t worry. In case you damage your computer or your mobile device, your memories are safe. Similar to other online and mobile platforms like iTunes.
We save your photos in the cloud so you can access them anytime you want.

Intellimidia Photographer

Are you a Professional Photographer?

You can start using Intellimidia Photos Realtime to sell your Professional Photos right on the spot.
We can provide you training and workshops, so you can learn how to succeed with this new and innovative way of making money through our platform.

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Download the Photographer app and Signup.
The app is available just click on the following links:

We can make the difference on your Event

Photo Marketing

We can apply your logo, or your sponsor’s logo at the bottom of your event photos and the guests will be able to download their photos for free.
For more information please send an email to .

Fund Raising

Photos Realtime is a great tool for Fund raising.
If your foundation would like to book us for your event, we can donate part of the photo sales to your organization or institution.

Pay only for the Photos you Like

Photos Realtime is the only service that offers you the possibility to pay only for the photos you like at an affordable price.


At Intellimidia Photos Realtime, we offer you our very unique and exclusive service of getting you, your photos while the event is happening.
In real-time. Just a few seconds, or minutes away, and the photo will land in your smartphone. Memories are priceless.
Imagine professional photos captured with the right light, right angle and at an affordable price?
Landing on your smartphone, right away.
That is exactly what Intellimidia Photos Realtime can offer to your event.